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Imagine this common scenario:

You just graduated from high school. You worked hard for years to learn and

grow in a structured environment. You’ve accomplished goals with

professionals, services, and supports in place to help you. As you look forward,

the looming question arises; "Now what?"

This is the reality for many young adults living with disabilities.

Choices can help you take that next step.

We'll help you build an independent life full of positive, enriching experiences in a home environment of your choice. You'll have the supports you need to be successful in the community. You'll have a plan tailored just for you with services and opportunities to help you continue learning and enjoying a full life.

Our philosophy of service delivery features:

Small, personalized home settings

Person centered approach

Interdisciplinary teams

High quality care staff

Individualized service delivery

Flexibility in planning

Use of technology for streamlined administration

Collaboration with funding representatives and other professionals

Educational, vocational, and therapy coordination

Flexible and unique service options to fit client and family needs 

Choices Services


Community Living

Community Living is the cornerstone of our service offerings.  We provide support to individuals in homes of their choosing, on a schedule created just for them.  Working with the individual and guardians, our experienced staff assists each person in creating a home environment and life plan they desire, incorporating all areas of life: work and/or volunteer experiences, learning opportunities, health and wellness, social life and recreation, daily living skills, and others.  Every element of each plan is individualized.

Consultation and Training

We can provide consultation to individual families, school teams, and other groups and professionals.  We assist in preparing transition plans for community living, including identification of skills necessary for success.  We work with teachers, IRIS consultants, families, vocational and educational programs organizations and many other groups.

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Individualized plans for transition and living in the community

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Training and Consultation

For families, professionals

and groups

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